When you think about your last presentation, how do you think it went? Were the audience looked interested or bored? Were they paying attention to what you say or were they tampering with their cell phone? Most of the people think that presentation is the most boring thing in the business world, along with unnecessary meetings. But some tips can be used to create interest in your presentation and get the attention of your audience.

Don’t Be the Boring Teacher

Do you remember your high school days? There were two kinds of teachers back then. One of those teachers were young, knew what he/she talks about, and it was fun to listen to their lessons. But the other type was the nightmare one. In that teacher’s lessons, we all felt like time did not pass, and we stuck in an endless loop. All he/she was doing reading stuff from their book with the same voice tone. This can also be applied to presentations. The latest survey shows that %37 of the audience thinks that when the presenter reads from the slide that presentation gets boring every single second. Because of that, write the topics that help you remember your subject while talking to your audience. Do not write everything on the slides and read from there.

Know Your Stuff

Remember that, winning presentation comes with a well-informed presenter. In connection with the first article above, knowing the subject, you are talking about makes it easier to capture the attention of your audience. Keep their interest alive by making small jokes and giving understandable examples if they look lost on the subject. Don’t let them bury their heads in their phones. If you catch them doing that, you can be sure you have to do something to get them back to the presentation. You can ask a question to one of your distracted listeners but do not do it to embarrass him/her. Remember, you’re not the teacher who is waiting to retire. You are the coolest teacher in a school which all students won’t be friends with.

Be Humble, Don’t Mumble

If we ignore the horrible wordplay, too much mumbling like “Ummm” or “errr” during the presentation will cause your audience to lose interest. If you have stage fear, go and see a doctor. But that’s not what we are talking about. You can improve your speaking skills by practicing. There are hundreds of tutorials on how to do that on the internet. You can look at your body language in front of the mirror or if you need more advanced help, take lessons from a professional. Research shows that people who mumble too much during the presentation causes their presentation get boring and lose their listeners.

Do Not Overstretch

We know it’s tempting to tell your childhood memories when you find people who have to listen to you but do not forget what you have come to do. Those people are not there to listen to irrelevant subjects about your personal life. If you overstretch your PowerPoint subject, you’ll see that people get distracted and lose interest in your presentation. Even if you’re giving a presentation about your success story, too much praise on yourself will make your audience feel inadequate, and they’ll leave your presentation with a sense of failure. You should balance the storytelling and pampering well, and you should not stretch the subject too much.

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