Not so long ago, small business owners were had to give ads to local newspapers or put a sign on their door in order to recruit a new employee. But nowadays, we do this via online, like everything else. There are hundreds of job boards to help you find your new recruitment and social media is an interesting alternative for this hiring process. As a small business, we know that you don’t have the budget to make mistakes while hiring. Big companies have the luxury to try out a few employees every single month and dismiss them if they don’t fit in companies working scheme. But you have to hit the bulls-eye on your first choice with low or zero budget. Let’s look up recruitment channels for you!

Job Boards Are Gold Mine

Job boards platforms like LinkedIn, have a great staff database for not only small businesses but also for big companies. Although the top-level names are recruited by job offers from companies rather than appearing on this platform, numerous names can be found from mid-level executives to low segment employees. With a very low budget, you can register to those web sites and find your dream recruitment within a couple of days. From a jack-of-all-trades to a single area specialist if you choose your criteria carefully it’s really easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Social Media Is More Important Than You Think

Social media platforms evolved from friends connecting web sites to a whole new world with its own habitat. If you use those platforms correctly, you can find your low budget recruitment within this “brave new world”. For example, if you are looking for a social media expert, what better place than social media platforms? There are countless pages full of job seekers or companies posting jobs. Do not hesitate to be one of those companies.

Take Place in Events

In every business network is essential. If you don’t have a network of people related to your business, then you are doing something wrong. Joining events that take place about your business is a more traditional way to meet new people which can be your new employee. Swapping business cards in those events help you to not only expand your business area but also your boundaries. You can add a new way to your recruitment channels only with your business card.

Do You Have a Web Site?

Of course, you do! In 2019, even your local supermarket has a web site. So instead of filling this site with cliché information that praises your company, why don’t you turn it into a platform where you tell your dreams and expectations and you’re looking for a new employee who shares these dreams? Create a new menu on your web site regarding “Career” or some other name and share this on your social media accounts. You don’t have a social media page? In order to use recruitment channels effectively create some social media accounts. Remember, people may look for you on the internet and if they can’t find you online, they may not trust you. Trusting people by looking websites, weird huh?

Get the Inside Track

As you know, one of the best advertisement methods is viral. If you have employees who are happy to work with you, you can tell them that you are looking for a new employee and with their reference, you can make interviews with those potential recruitments. Just as successful viral advertising boosts sales, you cannot take advantage of this option if your employees are not satisfied. Therefore, you need to keep the satisfaction of your existing employees in order to hire new staff.

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