Every day, home office workers and freelancers are looking for products that help them to increase their productivity. This sometimes can be a book that gives tips about how to work more efficiently, or sometimes an app or software and sometimes it’s an extension. As you know, Chrome has hundreds of extensions that can be used with your browser. Even if you are not a freelancer, those Chrome extensions may help you with your daily life and make things easier for you.

Save to Pocket

Chrome Extension for Freelancers, Pocket

This extension allows you to record articles, videos, and similar media you see on the Internet and use them on other devices. You can synchronize your account with other devices and read an article or watch a video whenever and wherever you want. If you have an e-book reader like Kobo, you can pair it with the extension. With this, you can read daily articles that stored on your Pocket account through your e-book reader without ads and other distracting materials.


Chrome Extension for Freelancers, Grammarly

Grammarly is an extension that checks your e-mails and other written materials on Chrome and corrects them if they have any grammar mistakes. Unlike Word’s spelling check, Grammarly recommends the synonym of the word you’re using, warns against word repetitions, and allows you to create smoother text. When you install this extension to your browser, it’s going to start to check all text. It checks social media posts, e-mails, and tweets that you are writing and warns you if there are any spelling or grammar errors.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

This extension allows you to send e-mails that you have already written, even if you are not online. These emails will be sent at the time and date you scheduled. Other than scheduling your e-mails, you can keep track of your e-mails and know when they are read. It also has an Inbox Pause option that silences your Inbox while working and minimizing distractions. While using the Inbox Pause option you can be alerted for important e-mails that you choose before.

Roboform Password Manager


Are you still terrified to store your passwords online? With Roboform, you can easily overcome that fear. If you use lots of accounts that have different passwords, then Roboform is your tool. It stores the website and your login data on your browser. With a single master password, you can access all of your accounts via Roboform. It also has a cross-platform option which means it can be also used on your mobile phone or tablet. Roboform named #1 password manager extension and as-as as far as we experience.



Noisli is an extension that allows you to silence all distracting background sounds and play a specific playlist in order to boost your productivity. You can create your own playlists for different works and tasks. Like other Chrome extensions I mentioned, Noisli implies that it’s developed especially for bloggers, freelancers, authors, and designers. If you get distracted easily with ambiance sounds and noises, you can give Noisli a try.

Toggl Button

Chrome Extension for Freelancers, Pocket

Toggl Button is a tool which is integrated with more than a hundred tools including Asana, Trello, Jira. It helps you to track your real-time productivity by recording all the data that you spend on those apps. You don’t need another tab to track your time when you use Toggle Button. When you start to work on one of the integrated tools, it automatically starts to keep track of your time. If you track, you can optimize your time spending.

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