To create a brand and promote it by using social media or other new generation sources, it comes to the most traditional problem in the end: budget. As a startup brand, everything you do, you have to do it with a meager budget. That’s where the brand strategy comes into action. If you play your cards correctly, you can promote your brand so many people may think you are swimming in a money pool.

Everything Starts With A Story

Research shows that consumers prefer brands with a story that provides them transparency and simplicity. Your message to consumers must have consistency from your homepage to your checkout page. Whichever business you are in, there will be a competition between you and other hundreds of companies that provide the same product or same benefit. If you want to lead this competition, your “message” needs to reflect your brand strategy.

Values Create Connection

When a consumer visits your web page or social media account, it will be apparent to him/her what you do. However, you need to tell this audience “why” you are doing it. Your “why”s and values are what got you into that business. Make those reasons understandable for your consumers too. If your message is clear and transparent, you will earn their trust and loyalty for life. You can do it by choosing values that matter for the target audience, not with high ads budget.

Time is Money

Most of the companies forget to spend time with their consumers while thinking about how to promote their next big thing on social media. However, research shows that it’s crucial to communicate with your audience on these platforms. Rather than sharing a post about a benefit and then forget the audience, it’s crucial to communicate with your consumers, your followers, and by that to gain their trust and loyalty.

Startup promoting is not rocket science.

It’s just an excellent way of traditional marketing strategies. So rather than spending tons of money to boost your social media posts, spend your time and create likeminded audiences by analyzing statistics and choosing related hashtags to your brand.

Want to be a YouTuber?

With billions of users, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. 8 out of 10 people search about something on this platform every day. It’s a trustworthy source for video contents. Then why not take advantage of this? Create a Youtube channel related to your products or strategies and decide how often you are going to post a video. Statistically speaking, popular brands try to publish 78 videos each month. This may be difficult for you to compete with a billion dollar company for the start but try to post a few videos every week. However, please stay away from overly promotional videos that talk about how great their product is. That’s television marketing and won’t get you too far. Users tend to dislike videos that looks like an advertisement. Because of that, you can tell your brand’s story in these videos.

Choose Your Platform Wisely

It’s essential to focus on a few social media platforms rather than trying to make an appearance on all of them. Pick 2 or 3 of those platforms that suit your brand perfectly and create your posts according to your strategy. As we told before, you need to spend time with your target audience on these platforms. It may be a time-consuming project, but as a startup with low or no ads budget, you need to spend something for your brand to get some insight and valuable statistics. In that case, it’s your time.

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