Although some people have improved organizational skills, no one is capable of managing a small business at birth. Although the most boring part of your business is the tax season, if you move away from traditional paperwork and move your invoices to the digital platform, your productivity increases and your job becomes easier. Nowadays, businesses are about two things: accessibility and flexibility. Cloud systems offer both of these concepts while giving you freedom and time in many areas. There are lots of apps that help you to organize your business, and Pixe is one of those apps. Let’s take a closer look at how the cloud-based invoice system will benefit your business and which way you can to save your invoices?

Gives You Place Freedom

We use technologically advanced in our businesses daily. We e-mail people through our mobile phones, check our business through some apps or software. Then, why not use this in our invoicing management? Thanks to the cloud-based invoicing system, you don’t have to carry tons of papers and files from one place to another. Wherever you go or whatever you do, you can send invoices within minutes and return to what you were doing. Imagine yourself sending invoices to your clients while sipping from your cold drink on a beach. That’s what cloud-based invoice system is offering. With those systems, you’ll have the freedom of working place.

Speeds Up Your Business

For almost every manager, paperwork is the nightmare while managing their business. This process is time-consuming and also requires high attention to avoid mistakes. Because of that, no one likes to dive into papers and files to create invoices when it comes to payment time. With stored data of your clients, you can create invoices within minutes. You don’t have to write the same information over and over again or dig into some Word or Excel documents to create an invoice. Cloud-based invoice systems keep the related data of your clients while you are working on them, and when you want to create an invoice, you can quickly draw this information from the database.

Easy to Pay for Clients

Cloud-based invoice systems simplify and accelerate the invoicing process, as well as make it easier for customers to pay you. Some of those apps generate a link for clients and customers that lets them pay with just one click. This is great for both ends. As a business owner, you get your payment quickly. As a client, you pay easily without struggling. When it comes to payment, your client will be impressed by how it is easy to work with you. Easy solutions create loyal clients.

Everything is at Your Hand

With cloud invoicing apps, every information you need is at one place. That allows you to focus on other matters while apps like Pixe, control invoicing procedures with time tracking options. You can see all your information data on a dashboard and micromanage your business from only one page. With those systems, you don’t have to search for folders and spend lots of hours to find information about one, single client. Cloud invoicing systems provide the information you need on the same page.

Automation is Standard

We know that as a solo entrepreneur or freelancer time is money for you. Cloud-based invoicing systems automate this process as a standard and lets you use your precious time on other projects. Those systems can send a reminder to the client who forgot to make the payment on time. If you have a regular client, you can send him/her automated invoice on the same day of every month. As you and your business automate, you don’t have to keep track of billing dates. Those systems are here for you to that.

Keep Track of Your Time

While working on a project as a freelancer, it’s vital to keep track of your working time. With cloud invoicing, you don’t need a separate tool to keep track of your time. You can use integrated tracking systems while working on different projects for different clients. That allows you to focus only on the project in your hands. As we mentioned before, every second is crucial to you. With those systems, you can keep track of your time and generate more accurate information while creating an invoice.

Mountains of Paper No More

Using cloud invoicing systems are also eco-friendly. You don’t have to use tons of papers to just for one client. This system frees you from paper costs and heaps, while at the same time speeding up your work and keeping you organized. If you necessarily need a printed invoice, you can print out from those systems quickly and easily and deliver it to the related person.

Use Your Storage for Yourself

Because all your client and process-related data are stored in the cloud, you’ll have space on your computer. You can devote this area to projects and works that are more important to you in your business. Especially, if you want to save your invoices with safety, these systems save you some storage while allowing you to be more organized by keeping every data in the cloud.

With Great Data Comes Great Safety

As a small business, you can improve your business performance with cloud computing technology. Imagine you had a terrible accident and something happened to your hard drive. If you don’t use a back-up system for the information stored on your computer, you can say bye bye to all those precious data. However, with cloud-based systems, all the information and you don’t have to worry about if you have a back-up of your data or not. Data stored on cloud-based systems is protected by high-security software and protects you and your clients from problems that may happen to your hard drive.

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