The most important criterion of being a successful company manager is that you have advanced leadership skills. I shared some tips for to be a leader.

Probably the most important criterion of being a successful company manager is that you have advanced leadership skills. You need to know how to manage your employees, how to motivate them, or you will end up being the one who is been managed not the one who manages. There are a lot of different ways to lead your workers and inspire them. You don’t have to follow a single path to keep them in line. You can be an evil entrepreneur who sends emails that only contains question marks to employees or you can be the generous one who shares the income with them. Whichever way you choose; you need to have some specific requirements to inspire your staff as a successful leader.

High Communication Skills

When people say, a good leader must have good communication skills, most of the time they only mean only talking side of the communication. But you should not forget that communication has to ways. As a leader, most of the time you’ll be the one who’s talking but you need to know when to listen to your employee’s ideas and suggestions. While motivational speeches and inspirational quotations are important to strengthen the bond between you and your employees. A good leader should know when to shut up and listen. Also, a manager with strong communication skills should have skills such as diction, using and reading body language, active listening, and simple expression.

When all of those are combined, they make you a good inspirer and a leader. Remember that communication is not only verbal but also written. Instead of questioning your employees in e-mails and writing them in a top-facing style, use a language that shows that you understand them but that you expect the same understanding from them to improve your business.

Do You Trust Me?

When it comes to managing your business and employees, from your clients to your staff everyone has to be sure that they can trust you. For example, when you face a financial problem and you have trouble with wages, you need to explain this to your employees clearly and honestly. If they trust you, they will understand it and continue their job with minimal loss of motivation. But if you say that salaries will be late for financial difficulties and you come to work with your new and luxury vehicle, you will lose both the respect and trust of your employees and eventually them. This is not only one of the qualities that a great leader should have but also a good person. When you treat your employees in this way, you have the right to expect them to behave with the same honesty and empathy.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

As a startup founder, you and your business are going to face many different problems on the road. As the famous comedian Chappelle says, most of the time those modern problems require modern and creative solutions. Of course, we do not say to act differently in the problems that can be solved by traditional methods, but when you are confronted with complex disruptions, your creative thinking makes you more value for your employees. Constantly floating your ship in safe waters can cause your employees to see you as a visionless leader. In order to eradicate this perception, you need to come to the forefront in times of crisis and inspire them with your creativity and different perspective. Creative thinking will not only help you in the face of problems but can also help you realize and evaluate a sectoral opportunity.


It is your duty to examine the performance of your employees and to show how they can improve both themselves and their performance. But remember that there is a very thin line between inspiring and offending. Explain the problem by empathy instead of dictating to them and illustrate how they can change it. Keep in mind that the public humiliation method is a thing of the past, and not only will you lose your employees, but you may also face some legal problems. Remember how the idealist teachers in the popular ’90s set troubled classes and get inspired by this method to create your style. If you think of your employees as traveling companions, instead of seeing them as gears in the machine, it is almost inevitable that you and your business will expand. Entrepreneurship requires you to take care of your employees in both business and private lives. Because as a visionary leader, you know that a problem in private lives means a problem at work.

Leadership is Good Distribution of Tasks

If you ever played a Dungeons and Dragons, you know that every character has his/her weakness and strength. Business life is no different. You need to know your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Just as you can’t expect a warrior to cast a strong spell in a role-playing game. You can’t ask your staff to do a job he/she didn’t succeed in. Aside from the disruption of your work, as a result of not being able to do this task, your employee may feel unsuccessful and inadequate. However, if you know which aspects of your employees are strong and allocate tasks accordingly, your work will accelerate and your employee’s motivation and commitment to the company will increase.

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